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• • • • • • You may know Donald Glover for his role as Troy Barnes in NBC’s “Community” or his rapping persona, Childish Gambino. But did you know that Donald Glover is married? Glover has kept his relationship so private, we don’t even know the name of Donald Glover’s girlfriend. However, there are several other facts we can tell you. Here are five things you should know about Childish Gambino’s girlfriend. 1 They were first seen together in Hawaii.

Donald Glover Girlfriend Pregnant

When did the Donald Glover girlfriend guesswork begin? When fans spotted an unidentified woman grocery shopping with Donald Glover.

That may not sound like huge news. However, at this point, Donald Glover’s girlfriend was rocking a noticeable baby bump. We don’t know how the couple managed to stay under-the-radar before this appearance, but it is definitely impressive! 2 They had their first child together sometime in early 2016. The couple welcomed their first baby soon after the grocery store photographs were released.

However, news sites didn’t confirm the birth confirmed until October of 2016. At that time, an “insider” US Weekly that the Donald Glover’s girlfriend had given birth sometime in early 2016. Talk about stealthy parenting.

3 The couple was first spotted with said baby in May of 2016. Glover’s baby appeared in public months before the official confirmation of its birth. In May of 2016, fans Glover and his girlfriend pushing a stroller together in New York City. Even after news sites released the photos, though, Glover stayed quiet about his girlfriend and baby. 4 Glover praised his girlfriend and son in his 2017 Golden Globe Speech.