Kellogg Expiration Date Codes

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  1. Kellogg S Expiration Date Codes
  2. Canned Food Expiration Date Codes
Canned food expiration date codes

Please add pictures of the product if you have it! Honey Smacks - Kellogg's - 360 g. Please add pictures of the product if you have it! Smacks - Kellogg's - 375g. After seeing yesterday’s post regarding the confusing expiration codes found on some foods, Brian sent The Consumerist a handy cheat sheet explaining the various code format, found inside. Simple beginnings, delicious endings. Discover new ways to bring out the best in Kellogg’s — and in your family, too.

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Kellogg S Expiration Date Codes

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Canned Food Expiration Date Codes

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