The Office All Seasons Dvd

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View All Photos (196). The Office: Season 9. Critics Consensus: The Office's final season returns the series to fine form, balancing the funny with. The Carol Burnett Show ran for an incredible 11 seasons and featured some of the most talented entertainers in the history of show business. Now to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the show, this collection includes the best of the best, from all 11 seasons, together for the very first time.

Back when the idea was first introduced, the notion of an American version of the hit British series The Office seemed like quite a gamble to a number of people. These days, however, the American version of the program is much more notable and celebrated than the British series. Although the original series was a massive critical and cultural success, audiences were unsure whether the specific type of humor the show introduced would tickle the funny bones of American television watchers.


The Office All Seasons Dvd 2017

The style of the show was unique, and the characters were not funny in the broad, conventional way that most sitcoms portray them. However, the version of The Office that has graced American television screens for eight successful seasons has carved its own niche, and it has become a comedy classic in its own right.

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The Office All Seasons Dvd

Key to the success of The Office for many years was the performance of the talented Steve Carell as office boss Michael Scott. While the character of Michael Scott is very similar to Ricky Gervais' David Brent from the British series, Carell's portrayal masterfully makes the sensibility of the original show palatable to American audiences. A very complicated character, Scott can be bumbling and inarticulate one moment, turn into a hurtful monster the next, while finally settling into the type of persona that just wants to please people. It is hard to think of anyone else being able to perform this role as well as Steve Carell, who added nuance, likability and pathos to the part. While there are certainly other aspects of the show that have made it successful, Carell's performance ensured that the show would become a hit and last for many years on American television. Sadly, Steve Carell left the show after its seventh season to pursue other projects.