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Posted By admin On 11/02/19
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Toad For Oracle

Just installed the 32-bit TOAD for Oracle (along with the 32-bit Oracle instant client (oci.dll version included, though, is that correct?)) on my Windows 7 laptop but it hangs when I start it up. I have added C: Oracle Client instantclient_10_2 to my PATH environment variable as well as NLS_LANG and TNS_ADMIN variables. I added debug=1 to my toad.ini file and see this: 20:27:05:069 Initializing application 20:27:05:069 Creating GlobalDataModule 20:27:05:132 Performing Toad’s startup tasks 20:27:09:350 Creating main window 20:27:09:365 Create Bitmaps Form 20:27:09:568 Restoring dock layout 20:27:09:677 Checking for Spotlight 20:27:09:693 Checking for SQL Impact 20:27:09:693 Initializing Team Coding 20:27:09:740 Building quick scripts menu 20:27:09:740 Building external tools menu 20:27:10:426 Enabling features based on license 20:27:10:442 Restoring size and position 20:27:10:442 Ribbit! 20:27:11:041 Performing Toad’s command line tasks 20:27:11:041 Application.Run And it ends at that point. Should I next see something called Create Log In Form?