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How trading works? It's a lot easier to explain if you have the game. Basically when you have internet on, you see 'passerby' from all over the world that also have their internet on. You also see a list of your 'acquaintances' (people you have interacted with before) and friends (people you have added to your friends list).

Hacked Pokemon Roms

You can tap on any of the faces to invite people to battle or trade. You can also use Wonder Trade, which is when you trade a random poke for another random poke. You get a lot of zigzagoons, but a lot of kind people put their competitive breeding rejects out and I've gotten some pokes that way.


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Best hacked pokemon gba roms

If you have pokemon bank you can also use that to trade dudes from your X/Y game to your ORAS game, or you can borrow a friend's DS and trade them over that way. Does that help? Did I get your question?

Download Pokemon GB GBC GBA NDS Hack Tools for free. Also, you can watch tutorials to use them. DeriLoko2 rates this game: 5/5. Pokemon - Ruby Version (U)(Mugs) is an action, adventure, RPG game that was developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. This game features the Pokemon from the third generation as the debuted Pokemon.