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Posted By admin On 03/02/19
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Do yourself a favor and install chocolatey! Jock Reed Blocked Unblock Follow Following. Dec 15, 2017. The last couple of years I have been using Mac for my main desktop and Ubuntu or various.

Share • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter 0 It's 12:12 am on Monday morning and I've just accepted what feels like my 10th Microsoft EULA after fighting to re-install a fresh version of Windows 10 over my technical preview that I managed to keep running for the last 6 or so months. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Install ChocolateyChocolatey

The end of a marathon that started when I still had some of my Sunday afternoon ahead of me. This fresh Windows 10 installation is almost complete. Until I have to actually have to start installing 3rd-party software, that is. Finishing the Windows 10 install means two things happen in quick succession. First, tackling driver updates so my video card isn't showing me a 2001-era screen resolution.

Second is installing the myriad of 3rd-party software such as browsers, text editors, media players, etc. Anuradha paudwal bhajan mp3 mr jatt. Required to be installed in order to get my PC to the point where I can actually use it. So continues the masochistic PC OS re-install ritual I've completed so many times before and am destined to repeat ad infinitum.

Install Chocolatey

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Now, I'm sort of an edge-case user, though, so it's important to point out that most consumers don't actually have to deal with this but every few years (and that is being generous). I'm a web developer and computer hobbyist that goes through OS-installs quite a bit for things such as for virtual machines, a personal web server, Boot Camp on my Mac, and running technical previews alongside my stable OS builds. I'm on my fifth install for 2016 and I'm likely to complete a few more in 2017. There has to be a simpler way. There's a brilliant package manager for Windows called and it provides a means for you to automate the installation of your 3rd-party software on the Windows platform. Similar to for.NET, for Linux, for Ruby, or for NodeJS (just to name a few), Chocolatey is a free, open-source platform that manages installation and removal of software packages maintained through a community-managed central library. That include additional benefits beyond basic package management, but this post will focus on the basic functionality provided in their free tier.