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Title: 132 Scale IPSC Stage Design Template 1 Stage 1 Splish Splash Scenario Youre letting Calgone take you away when a home invasion just seems to happen. You screwed up and only loaded your gun with six rounds Procedure Start in tub with brush in gun hand scrubbing your back. Loaded gun (6 rounds max) is on table, pointing downrange. Rubber duck in the other. On signal, grab blaster and engage T-1,2,3 with two rounds each, minimum (tactical sequence). Reload and engage T-4,5,6 (min 2 rounds each). You may then re-engage T-1-6 with additional rounds if necessary.

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THE STANDARD STAGE PLAY FORMAT What follows is a guide to “professional” stage play script formatting. These pages are an explanation of the standard stage play format. Best of atif aslam songs. See the Example Pages for visual. All stage directions appear in parentheses, 2.75 inches from the left edge of the page.

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T-2 T-4 T-5 T-3 T-6 T-1 Distances 3-6 yards. Requires Tactical Sequence 2 Stage 1 Instructions, etc. • Gun is on table downragne next to tub. Extra mag(s) are on tablepointed downrange and loaded with 6 rounds.

Stage Layout Template

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Shooter shoots to slide-lock,then reloads (safety practice due to shooter sitting in real bathtub and there being a ricochet possibility.) • Start position is seated fully in tub, legs as extended as possible. Shooter may choose which end of the tub to sit in. Holding brush in support hand and duck in gun hand. Facing straight ahead. • Shooter will fire all shots while seated in tub. • All targets set at about 4-5 at top of head. • Targets will be clothed in shirts of various designs and patterns.