Intel Pentium Updates

Posted By admin On 24/01/19
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  1. Intel Pentium Inside Graphics Driver

Hello, Unfortunately, you've hidden the most important part of the Device Manager -- the list of graphics devices. If you have more than one graphics device, such as a 'hybrid' system with a discrete graphics card, then the auto-update process won't work.

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Intel Pentium Inside Graphics Driver

Instead, try searching for your graphics device from this page (), then manually downloading and installing the driver. Hope this helps -- let us know if you're able to get this working.

Regards, Neal ps-> There is also a chance that you already have the latest driver installed -- I don't know the specific graphics ID of your system to know exactly what graphics device you have. Hello, Just one more thought: when you said 'I have tried to automatically update my driver but it doesn't seem to find anything', what process did you use to see if you had the latest driver? Was this Windows Update, or the HP web site, or the Intel auto-update process. If it was one of the first two, then it's very possible you won't get the latest driver, so try the Intel auto-update process with the link I showed above. If this doesn't work, and assuming that you have Intel GMA4500 graphics, to download the latest driver.