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Posted By admin On 10/02/19
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So I'm going to be spending most of next summer in South Africa on a paleontological dig, thus fulfilling two dreams at once (working towards becoming a paleontologist AND spending time in South Africa!). However, I think I'd like to spend some of my free time between now and half a year from now learning Afrikaans. Download winning eleven 9 setup.

Its not required of the expedition, but its a language that's always fascinated me, and I'm a German minor with no German classes this semester so I figure it'd be fun to learn something else during that downtime (not to mention it might be a wee bit useful during my more than a month long stay). Problem is, there's no 'obvious' stuff to aid in the learning of Afrikaans. Even if I had the money to burn (or lacked enough honor to steal), Rosetta Stone doesn't offer any kind of Afrikaans software. And it's not like there's any classes or get-togethers aimed at teaching/learning it around here, either.