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(Major spoilers ahead for “Insidious: The Last Key”) After four “Insidious” movies, we’ve gone in kind of a circle. The third and fourth films take place before the original — and now the final scene of “The Last Key” brings us right up against that first movie, as Elise (Lin Shaye) receives the fateful phone call that will bring her to help the Lambert family deal with the demonic forces attempting to possess young Dalton’s body. But that’s not the only reference to the first “Insidious” movie in “The Last Key” — an earlier callback would seem to indicate that the events of this fourth movie actually spurred the plot of “Insidious” into motion. The big moment comes late in the film, when Elise and her niece Imogen (Caitlin Gerard) are rescuing Imogen’s sister Melissa (Spencer Locke) from the spiritual realm known as the Further.

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As the trio are attempting to flee the portion of that plane ruled by the “The Last Key” villain Keyface, they enter a red door and find Dalton on the other side, in his bedroom. Not knowing who Dalton was or the significance of the red door, they continue on and successfully save Melissa. Also Read: The story in “The Last Key” involves Keyface attempting to harness Elise’s ability to interact with the spirit world in order to gain access to “all the red doors.” Keyface doesn’t succeed, of course, as it’s destroyed by Elise and Imogen at the climax of the movie. But all is perhaps not well, because of that red door they walk through at the end. Free flp downloads fl studio free.

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