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  1. Beyblade Metal Fury Toys

Beyblade Metal Fury Toys


Contents [] Products The Beyblade packaging will be brand-new with tattooed Face Bolts which don't come off like the stickers, it is easiest to tell on, booster,. XTS Beyblade (Xtreme Top System) The XTS Beyblades are Beyblades that are heavier and more agressive than normal Beys (and are banned from most tournaments). Dangdut koplo monata terbaru There are multple types of XTS Beys,one of which being the Tornado Beys which have tracks that look similiar to the 230 Track that is included in.They use the same launchers. The last type of XTS Beys are the Stealth Battlers, which have 'hidden' stealth attacks that involve protrusions of some sort coming out of the Bey. Rip Gauge Launcher A Beyblade Launcher with a speed measuring device that will determine how powerful the launch of the Beyblade was. IR Remote Control Beyblade 'IR' stands for 'Infrared' hence, the remote control feature.

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