Create Bootable Ghost Usb

Posted By admin On 14/02/19
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Create Bootable Usb Ghost Image

Follow these steps to create a bootable USB stick from the offline media content: + On a physical machine running Windows 7 or later, insert the USB stick you want to use. Copy the content of the MDTOfflineMedia Content folder to the root of the USB stick.


I have inherited a mess of at our IT office. The previous guy used GhostCast Server to deploy Ghost images to multiple PCs at once, but I can't get it to work (using 3Com PXE to serve as the host for the PXE boot). So, I was thinking it would be easier if I booted the client PC using a Ghost boot disk, ran Ghost on the client & connected to the GhostCast server get the image. But, I'm having a hard time finding out how to create a bootable Ghost CD or USB drive.

Create Bootable Ghost Usb Drive

Most of the info i found online refers to using 'Ghost Boot Creator' which is not installed on our Ghost server. I don't have the original media for Ghost so, I'm at a loss. I could just create a DOS or WinPE boot disk & add the files, but which version of DOS or WinPE should I use for that? Where can I get the Lenovo NIC drivers (lenovo thinkcentre m81, m82 and m800 desktops and Lenovo t420s, t430s, t440s laptops)? Does anyone have an ISO for a bootable Ghost disk or know where I can get one? I have Ghost v.