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Description: A great Flash game involving characters from a bunch of different series: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider, Marvel and D.C. Superheroes, Star Wars, Dragonball Z, Transformers, Jason/Freddy, and more! Bakugan video game pc. Highly recommended.

Mortal Kombat II (commonly abbreviated as MKII) is a competitive originally produced by Midway for the arcades in 1994. Play Mortal Kombat 2 online! Watch the karate kid online. Mortal Kombat 2 game description The Mortal Kombat fighters, plus several new ones, return for a tournament held by the evil Shang Tsung of the Outworld. The action is one-on-one as before, and famed for its high level of violence and blood (other than the sanitised Nintendo version). There are 5 difficulty levels and optional credits, as well as the usual two player mode including same character duels. To win the main tournament, the player must beat each of the other human players, before taking on Shang Tsung, Kintaro and finally Shao Kahn.

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Players have a range of punches and kicks available, as well as flying kicks, uppercuts, roundhouses, and the special moves, which vary for each player. These include throws, uppercuts, long-distance bullets, bicycle kicks and a teleport feature. Play Mortal Kombat 2 online You can play Mortal Kombat 2 online here, in web browser, for free! Comments comments.

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