Verb Forms In English

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By English progressive verb tenses describe ongoing actions in the present, past or future. What’s the difference between each pair of simple tense forms? Not a whole lot unless you are a grammarian.

Verb Forms In English Grammar


LIST OF CONTRACTED VERB FORMS IN ENGLISH. Share this Post. Shortened Forms of the Verb ‘to be’.

People often interchange present and progressive forms without creating any problems. But shades of difference in meaning do exist. Present progressive The present progressive form often implies a process: Alexei is axing the proposal to cut down the national forest.

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( is axing is in present progressive form) Michael and Lulu are skiing far too fast toward that cliff. ( are skiing is in present progressive form) The single-word form of the present tense may be used for things that are generally true at the present time but not necessarily happening right now. For example: Ollie attends wrestling matches every Sunday. If you call Ollie on Sunday, you’ll get this annoying message he recorded on his answering machine because he’s at the arena ( attends is in present tense).