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William Hurt Kathleen Turner Richard Crenna Ted Danson J. Preston Mickey Rourke Kim Zimmer Thom Sharp. Ned Racine William Hurt. Matty Walker Kathleen Turner. Edmund Walker Richard Crenna. Peter Lowenstein Ted Danson. Oscar Grace J A Preston. The Hall of Famer Richard Crenna only solidified the greatness of the story. Preston's solid supporting role was one of the best written in the film. Kasdan said in the Body Heat Documentary: 'He's the one character in the movie who has a code that he absolutely lives by.' The waitress who manages the diner was a scene stealer.


Body Heat Cast Videos

Body Heat is the acclaimed 1981 modern film noir from acclaimed filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill). Ned Racine (William Hurt, Broadcast News, A History of Violence, The Village, Lost in Space) is a dubious lawyer in a small town in Florida who suffers from the heat wave that has covered the entire state. On one evening he meets the married Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner, Romancing the Stone, V.I.